1958 Rolex Precision Dustproof Ref. 4499

The nicknames appointed to vintage watch variants never fail to amaze. While some newer attempts at breaking into the lexicon might be a bit of a stretch, watches like the one we're about to get into correspond with monikers as established as the day is long. Collectors refer to timepieces configured like this next piece as having two-tone "tuxedo" dials, as a result of either a central or surrounding portion that’s finished in black.
Unsurprisingly, Rolex watches fitted with such dials are among the most desirable tuxedo watches, as a result of both their beauty and rarity. If those two qualities are non-negotiable in your horological pursuits, you’re bound to like what's in store.   Just over six decades ago, this watch exited the factory doors at Rolex boasting one of the brand’s earliest innovations. Thanks to the use of a movement cover, much like the later antimagnetic soft iron shields, dust was blocked from entering the delicate inner workings.
Along with waterproofness, this was one of the many developments that put Rolex on the map, resulting in the unparalleled reverence enjoyed by the watchmaker today. This feature is proudly stated on the tuxedo dial, which is also finished with crosshair detailing.
Condition wise, this piece has a lot going for it. The main event – its tuxedo dial – has been preserved outstandingly over the years, with not a spot or flaw of note. It's also somewhat of an unconventional tuxedo dial, seeing as it has gilt text, and the accenting portion has a textured, gold surface. Though this piece might only measure 34 mm across, its smaller footprint is made up for, and then some, by its rarity and present state. The correct riveted bracelet is a nice touch, too. 

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